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A Bit About Us

Our Goals, Mission And Philosophy

J & M Adult Care Services, LLC, is a community based residential program committed to providing care, treatment, and programming to individuals with a primary diagnosis of Intellectual Disability. The expressed benefit to our residents includes establishment of realistic goals geared to their ambitions, fostering their independence, developing new life skills, and establishing them as productive members of society.

We seek to provide the supports that will enable residents to acquire, improve and/or maintain the functional skills desired by individuals to live and be a part of their community. This lifestyle ultimately offers a positive environment in which to maintain a good mental health status.

Our Ultimate Goal is to help the individual resident achieve and transition to a lifestyle maximizing independence and being a part of their community.

J & M always strives to offer the highest quality service to our individuals. This means not just meeting core needs and basic service standards, but taking it a step further to help them grow and expand their horizons. Thus we impact lives, one individual at a time.

Professional Staff

All staff are trained and certified in the following:

 CPR / First Aid 

Medication Administration 

Therapeutic Options of Virginia (T.O.V.A.)

Additionally, all staff receive training in Human Rights, Infection Control, and other pertinent areas as well as specific training to meet specialized needs of individuals as relevant.
Note: There is a Registered LPN on staff.


Margaret Moore

Chief Executive Officer

Terrence Moore

Chief Operating Officer

Joel Moore

Chief Financial Officer

Tabisha McCoy

(QIDP) Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional 

Fantasia Jones

Residential Manager

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