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We operate Residential Group Homes providing the following services and companion care:

  • Supervised services are provided 24-hours a day by professional staff with expertise in working with individuals with behavioral and/or emotional issues (including oppositional defiance).

  • Individual and group services are designed to deliver counseling, treatment programs, physical & clinical supports, and indirect case management based on the unique needs and limitations of each individual.

  • Programs include behavioral modification, recreation and other activities designed to enhance each resident’s psychological well-being, including communication skills, anger management, and conflict resolution.

  • We also offer training in daily living skills such as: self-care, personal hygiene, food preparation, housekeeping, money management, learning to use public transportation, as well as identifying and utilizing community resources.

  • Individuals interested in pursuing vocational / employment and educational opportunities are supported and encouraged to meet these important personal goals.

  • Community involvement is encouraged and supported by staff, including shopping, recreational activities, volunteering, and attending religious services.

  • Professional care is provided 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.


J & M Adult Care Services, LLC will admit adults with a diagnosis of intellectual or developmental disabilities or a dual diagnosis of mental illness and intellectual disability. Residents must be 18 years or older, ambulatory and able to be assisted with medication if clinically warranted.

Human Rights

Each individual and their family are entitled and encouraged to know the full scope of the various Human Rights protecting their day to day lives. We encourage participation and involvement with the Local Human Rights Committee which meets at the Rogers Building in Chesterfield County.

LHRC Contact Information:

Region IV Human Rights Advocate

Simona Haqq

Central State Hospital   P. O. Box 4030 – Bldg 4326317    W. Washington Street Petersburg, VA 23803   (804) 524-7548

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